I am Scottish (as a few of you may know) and in less than a week my world will change and I’m not sure what will happen. We are voting to decide if we wish to be independent from the UK and go on alone separating from are long relationship, seem map below for reference. 

There is a giant amount of history between all of the UK and how we came to be, includes lots of war, blood shed and royalty kidnappings, but in the end it settled into a peace for many years. 

The problem we are having is that  all decisions are made in London, London don’t really listen to anyone above middle England and Scotland had really had enough, even the weather gloss over us ‘well there’s some rain’. We wished for more separation and devolution, we have been given it in tiny amounts over several year. We asked for more, they said no and now the Scottish leaders have decided that independence is the only way forward.

So we are given the vote yes or no that is all. The yes promised freedom and a perfect world ruled by only us with no problems to life at all. While the No have pathetic pleas of ‘No thanks’ and that really everything is a lie we will fail and die and don’t we just love each other really.

Do understand I have been sitting in the middle limbo camp for most of the lead up to this vote both sides talk no sense throwing fantasy figures at each other like they mean something. know one wishes to put anything solid on paper in case the vote turns on them, and then they have to answer to all these magical promises that don’t exist.

Right now UK is reasonably mixed I have family who have moved down south I went to uni down there I have friends who have grown up in Scotland but parents are from England this topic is literally drawing a decide thought the country. look at these figures. image

shop windows, cars, Facebook profiles, peoples clothing, houses are covered in posters and signs representing their vote proudly. but with such a divide this can only create huge problems no matter the out come come Friday morning. 

This decision is a giant leap of faith, for all concerned do we leave and hope life can be better and we can create a better Scotland for the people or do we stay and try and gain more devaluation within the union. At this stage it there has been so much change and demand from both sides of the debate that things will change in Scotland whether we stay or leave it can’t stay the same and continue on. With such a divide though the population it can only mean changes will happen just wonder if all of this will be worth it and the changes which ever the outcome improve Scotland for the better. 

 I have always said I was Scottish first and British Second and now I’m worried that part of me will be taken away. I am the girl who proudly travelled down to England with Scottish flag in had and set up residence for 4 years to earn my degree being known as the Scottish one and being proud. but now I fell I can’t display my flag or be pegged as a loyal and enthusiastic YES voter, which hurts. 

I am still questioning the way I choice to vote on Thursday, have done since it was first announced 2 years ago and will still question it until I am looking at the ballot in front of me and place my X in my chosen box and hope I have made the right one.

Come Friday we will know the result, this day will be historical I just hope it will be for good reasons not bad and I hope the country will be able to mend the rift that has torn it apart the Scottish people. 

sorry for the rant it’s a difficult time in Scotland right now and I felt this was a safe place to talk about my feeling. Please resume with photos of cats and fandoms.

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I’ve gotten to play Daenerys from a young girl into what she is now which is a pretty badass woman, and that’s an incredibly fun journey to go on. - Emilia Clarke

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